Monday, August 3, 2009

My 25 Random Things From Facebook (In Case You Missed Them)

1) I had no idea how to add a new note to my facebook (kinda sad, I know).

2) I have 2 pugs, Neko and Wicket.

3) I have been a nurse since 2004. I was an ER nurse and now I'm a neonatal nurse.

4) I have been to a lot of places, including Europe, but have never been west of Mississippi.

5) I've played the piano since I was 8 years old. I also play the saxophone and sing.

6) My husband and I both have two different colored eyes (but our child doesn't).

7) I was a spelling bee champ in elementary school.

8) I read constantly.

9) My husband and I specifically designed our house so that we could have one whole room as a library.

10) My favorite TV show ever is The Golden Girls.

11) I am fascinated with my new Tassimo hot beverage system. ( I love a hot beverage!)

12) Also, I am a self-professed nerd! (See numbers 10 & 11).

13) I don't feel guilty for letting my child sleep in bed with me.

14) I am totally addicted to perfume and bath products. Seriously, it's a problem when you think every new season needs a new scent!

15) I bought an XM radio to cut down on my CD buying habit, but it didn't work. Now I buy music AND pay for my XM radio. Before my computer crashed, I had enough music to play for 45 straight days without repeating anything.

16) I have a tattoo on my left shoulder.

17) I have seen someone who's been shot in the head and someone with flesh-eating bacteria. (not the same person, thank goodness!)

18) I almost didn't graduate from college because I didn't get enough convocation points, one of the downfalls of going to a private college. Sadly, when I did go, I usually studied which my friend Erin tells me was very rude.

19) I have 14 biological aunts and uncles, not including their spouses. (12 on my dad's side and 2 on my mom's).

20) Therefore, I have 35 first cousins.

21) I had braces from the 3rd grade until the 9th.

22) I used to run around in a bonnet when I was little and pretend I was in Little House on the Prairie. And my parents, never stifling my creativity, surely had to have been a little embarrassed when I wanted to go to the mall this way.

23) I sometimes fear I have the musical tastes of a 50 year old man (James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, etc.) But most of the time I just think I have really good taste. :)

24) I am determined to someday publish a book, which will promptly win a Pulitzer and be chosen for Oprah's book club. Well, I can dream anyhow.

25) I've only been to the beach once in my life, but I would love to go back. Although the ocean kinda freaks me out.