Monday, September 12, 2011

Long time, no see

I love the fact that my last post was about how I was going to be posting more often and it was in February. I really do want to start blogging more and so I feel like I should blog about what I'm most passionate about... books. At least on that subject, I always have something to say. So look for a lot more book reviews and recommendations coming up in the near future.

My latest recommendation is a book that I just finished this morning. A Good Hard Look by Ann Napolitano. The book is set in Milledgeville, GA, Flannery O'Connor's hometown. O'Connor is not the main character in this novel, but she is the axis around which several of the main characters revolve. This was not an uplifting read, but it was extremely good. If you are interested in Flannery O'Connor it is a must-read. Napolitano's portrayal of the writer as a person is fascinating. Even if you're not, this book was wonderful. I was worried at first because the book's description sounded a bit vague, yet as I read it I realized there was no easy way to pin down the plot. Essentially, the book centers around several families in the town and their destruction and redemption. It's an easy read once you get going and totally worth the time. The book is completely fictional, but I am planning on doing some research to see how many plot elements were based on something real in Flannery O'Connor's life. I hope someone else will read this book, because I'd really love to discuss it!

My new read is The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman. I love to read Alice Hoffman in the Fall. I know it's not technically Fall yet, but I still had the urge. Something about her writing just screams crisp air and falling leaves. I've been putting this one off until cooler weather, so I hope I enjoy it!